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Chapter 695 The True Elite

  • Fang Zhan nodded. An insignificant matter, it was unimportant to him when or where Han Jingru died. He merely wanted to know his daughter’s whereabouts.
  • He would be able to find his daughter if he complied with Lin Tong’s demands. Hence, he would stop at nothing to do as such.
  • However, he still had to ask, “Will you receive a promotion in Apocalypse if he’s dead?”
  • Lin Tong snorted. “With my current position, do you honestly think that I would need to gain traction by stepping over a loser like him?”
  • “It’s evident to me that you’re rather terrified of him threatening your position, as much as you’d like to deny it. This is exactly why you’ll never become a true elite,” Fang Zhan replied impassively.
  • Lin Tong gritted his teeth at Fang Zhan’s remark. Who is he to dictate whether Ill become an elite or not?
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