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Chapter 558 Money Is Nothing To Him

  • The entire Nangong family knew why Nangong Boling made the offer to Han Jingru.
  • It showed that Nangong Boling valued him greatly. The change of surname would give Han Jingru the chance to become Head of the family.
  • Nangong Sun's heart sank when he heard the offer. All along, he had exploited Han Jingru to help him become the patriarch. However, if Han Jingru chose to act on the offer now, Nangong Sun would become subservient to him. Such a twist of event was wholly repulsive to Nangong Sun.
  • Nangong Sun had even thought out how to make Han Jingru drop out of the race to be Head of the family.
  • Han Jingru's outright rejection of the offer came as a surprise to everyone.
  • “Did he reject the offer?” someone was heard murmuring to himself in disbelief.
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