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Chapter 77 Awkward

  • Han Jingru was able to hold it in earlier but he didn’t want to take unnecessary risk to drive. If he were to cause any injury for Su Yimo, he would never forgive himself.
  • When Su Yimo saw that Han Jingru had a troubled expression and hesitated to speak, she was anxious, “Is there something that you can’t tell me?”
  • Han Jingru was shocked to hear that. Now that he finally got a little closer to Su Yimo. If he made the woman misunderstand now, he might waste all of his effort thus far.
  • “Actually I injured my hand and I wouldn’t be able to drive.” Han Jingru said honestly.
  • “Injured?” Su Yimo looked at Han Jingru in puzzlement. She hadn’t noticed anything wrong with Han Jingru’s hand. When she was holding his hand earlier, it was trembling a little but Su Yimo felt that Han Jingru was just over excited.
  • She lifted Han Jingru’s hand and asked, “Does it hurt? Is it serious?”
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