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Chapter 883 Taming The Manticore

  • “Don’t kill it yet,” Han Jingru said to the Ruby-eyed Python.
  • Han Jingru’s words were sacred to the Ruby-eyed Python, so it was quick to obey.
  • The Manticore looked at Han Jingru gratefully. Evidently, a familiar of this level was sentient. Just as it was about to escape, Han Jingru voiced, “I stopped it from killing you; it doesn’t mean you can leave.”
  • The Manticore froze in its spot, bewildered.
  • The next thing Han Jingru did was turn around to ask Huang Xiaoyong, “Do you want it?”
  • “Want?” Huang Xiaoyong stared at Han Jingru, confounded. “Want what?”
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