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Chapter 766 Daughter Of The Head Of The Three Halls

  • “Furthermore, this year’s Bronze rank challenge will be the harshest one yet. There are many participants, so it won’t be easy to fight your way through,” Gong Tian uttered with dissatisfaction, unable to remain as calm as Zhuang Tang upon seeing how Han Jingru had undervalued the Bronze rank.
  • Instead of brushing off their reminders, Han Jingru merely nodded in understanding as he said, “Thank you for your advice, but since I’ve already come, I definitely won’t be staying as a Bronze.”
  • Thereafter, Fang Zhan brought Han Jingru back to their living quarters. Seeing that there were more men than women in Apocalypse, women would often stick out like sore thumbs here. Hence, everyone could not help but ogle at Jiang Yingying.
  • In the mundane world, Jiang Yingying was not considered a stunning beauty, but she was still quite pretty amongst the average-looking girls. Those in Apocalypse seemed to greatly appreciate her looks as well. In order to prevent any of those red-blooded men from trying anything funny with her, Han Jingru told Fang Zhan to make arrangements for a room with two beds for them.
  • “Master, this guy seems to think so little of the Bronze rank. I’d like to see how he gets thoroughly crushed in the competition,” Gong Tian forced out through gritted teeth after Han Jingru left.
  • Zhuang Tang shook his head lightly. “I’m afraid that you won’t have the chance to see something like that happen.”
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