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Chapter 419 Acting Genius Han Tong

  • Back at the Peninsula Hotel, Han Tong tossed and turned on the bed in her room. After a while, she finally sat up.
  • Although she didn't feel affected by Han Qing's death, nor did she regret trying to save her, Han Jingru's actions shook her to the core. The more she thought about how he disregarded her existence completely, the angrier she got.
  • “If not for Dad, you would be dead by now, rather than taunting me all day,” Han Tong snarled. Everyone in Chinatown treated her with respect, but never Han Jingru.
  • At that moment, Han Tong decided to give their father a call. What if this could make him change his mind about protecting Han Jingru?
  • After a moment of preparation, she started the call.
  • When the call got through, she started to bawl as loud as she could. Her acting was flawless.
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