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Chapter 694 Climbing Up The Social Ladder

  • Jiang Yingying was moved to tears. She grew up with Ho Ting and she had almost forgotten how it had felt, to belong to a family.
  • Su Yimo nodded to assure her, while Shi Yan smiled at her. Meanwhile, Han Xiuzhi gestured for her to start the raffle draw. All of these subtle actions had caused her eyes to glisten with grateful tears.
  • “Alright.” She stretched her hand out anxiously, knowing that the venue of the hundredth-day celebration was in her hand.
  • “Don’t worry. We like all of the places that we’ve seen. We just couldn’t decide on one. You’ll simply be helping us out of that dilemma.” Her hands were trembling so Han Jingru consoled her.
  • Taking a deep breath, she picked out a crumpled paper ball, as she soon passed it to Han Jingru.
  • “Jingru, please don’t be mad at me if it’s not a good pick,” Jiang Yingying uttered softly.
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