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Chapter 992 If You Were Given Another Opportunity To Make A Choice

  • Thud! Thud! Thud!
  • “Sir, please, Sir, I was raised by wolves and had no intention to annoy such a great man like you. I’m willing to do anything to atone for my sin, so please spare me.” Feng Qing, who was exceedingly perturbed, was slamming his head against the ground over and over again. In that instance, dignity didn’t matter to him anymore; he only wanted to live.
  • At that moment, Han Jingru turned a blind eye to Feng Qing, who was begging for mercy and turned to Feng Ye instead.
  • Feng Ye took a few steps back in fear as he caught the menacing gleam in Han Jingru’s eyes. This man seemed like he could take him out in a flash.
  • “What do you want?” Feng Ye asked frightfully.
  • “You’re still in the dark as to why he kowtowed to me, aren’t you?” Han Jingru asked placidly.
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