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Chapter 235 The Big Shot

  • When Han Jingru looked at Qi Pingying going back to the room, he had goosebumps all over. The man wouldn't want Su Yimo to fall prey to Qi Pingying unrealizingly. However, how could he discuss something like that to Su Yimo.
  • Qi Pingying was a woman and she was Su Yimo's best friend. She just had the best edge!
  • "Damn, you better don't do anything! That is my wife!" Han Jingru said in anguish.
  • When it was almost 11 o'clock, Su Yimo got up from bed. She brought Shen Zhuoman with her bed hair to the living room and both of them didn't look good. They had huge dark eye bags.
  • Qi Pingying wore her glasses and turned back into the quiet woman. However, Han Jingru could no longer look at her the same way.
  • "Jingru, we are going shopping today. Do you want to come?" Su Yimo asked Han Jingru.
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