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Chapter 169 Revenge

  • The moment Su Ruijin saw Han Jingru, he sneered with a mocking tone, “How nice it is to be dependent on a woman~ waking up at this hour and you don’t even need to worry about your food and place to stay. Why don’t I have such a good luck like you?”
  • Han Jingru knew that Su Ruijin was taunting him. However, that was simply useless against the man and he replied, “If you have a good look like me, maybe someone will be willing to be your sugar mama. However, I’m afraid you do not have that gift and I believe you will never be able to do it in this lifet.”
  • Su Ruijin was infuriated by the reply. Did Han Jingru just insulted his looks?
  • “Han Jingru, I am just impressed by your shamelessness. You didn’t do anything as a man, yet you have no problem acting so cocky.” Su Ruijin’s snickered.
  • “Are you jealous? But I can understand that. After all, a person like you can do nothing but envy.” Han Jingru chuckled.
  • Su Ruijin had a grim expression. He just couldn’t win against someone as shameless as that!
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