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Chapter 363 Chairman

  • Shen Zhuoman was trying to dissuade Qi Pingying from asking, but she didn't falter. Qi Pingying knew how difficult her task was, for this relationship wasn't something that could be interrupted by mere words. Han Jingru loved Su Yimo more than anything else to boot.
  • Qi Pingying might have approached Han Jingru to ask for his help, but the more she talked to him, the more she fell for his charm. Her motive for approaching him slowly changed with time.
  • Sometimes she would even ask herself if she loved him, but there was no answer. However, it was also precisely that that she knew her purpose had changed. Qi Pingying no longer only wanted to use Han Jingru.
  • Shen Zhuoman started most of the conversations during dinner so they wouldn't talk about Han Jingru.
  • After they were done with dinner, Shen Zhuoman sent Qi Pingying back to the hotel and asked Su Yimo to go home and rest.
  • Su Yimo would feel empty every time she thought of home. She could never see Han Jingru there anymore, so she didn't feel like that place was her home.
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