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Chapter 532 Han Xiang

  • What had happened to the people from the Terra Prison?
  • Han Jingru and his companions were unaware of how Terra Prison had completely transformed into a living hell.
  • Han Jingru, Number 12, and Mole were all drenched in blood. They had killed more than half of the people who had been attacking them in a frenzy. Now, they had stopped to rest in a room.
  • He had never expected things to come to this stage. Neither did his companions.
  • Other than ensuring that none of the prisoners could escape, the Terra Prison was supposed to also ensure their safety. But with so many people dead, things had clearly gone astray. It was as though the prison was slowly heading towards its destruction.
  • “Jingru, it'll be over for the Terra Prison if they continue like this. There's clearly a mastermind behind all this. But why would he do such a thing?” Mole curiously asked him.
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