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Chapter 717 Weeding Out

  • Mao Tianyi was now the most influential man in Bin County, so his assistant snobbish as well. There was no one he could not afford to offend in the entire county, so he had not cared who this man was.
  • He attempted to shove the man aside but felt as though he was pushing against a wall. The man did not move from the spot. However, the assistant recoiled from the impact and took a step back.
  • This was embarrassing for the assistant.
  • “Are you blind? Do you know who’s sitting in the car right now? Scram, before I break your legs!” the assistant bellowed.
  • Han Jingru smiled. Although he had not seen Mao Tianyi, judging from the way his assistant acted, he knew that Mao Tianyi and Tang Cheng had vastly different personalities.
  • Tang Cheng was low-key and did not cause any trouble. He had an excellent reputation in Bin County and the people loved him a lot. He also created countless job opportunities for the betterment of the county and its people and was a good leader.
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