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Chapter 1182 Heartless Rejection

  • The main reason for Wu Xin to tag along was because she was impressed by Han Jingru’s carefree demeanor on the ring. Her interest in him made her eager to see an even better performance from him.
  • However, Wu Xin did not think that she had fallen in love with Han Jingru. After all, he was but a teenager. However, her interest in him was built on romance, and that confused her.
  • “No,” Han Jingru rejected instantly. He had wanted to draw a line between Wu Xin and himself for a long time. Naturally, he would not try to initiate any contact with her. Moreover, if Wu Xin were too close to him, she would be in danger.
  • After all, Han Jingru was now an enemy of the Mo family. If the Mo family wanted to deal with him with dirty tricks, Wu Xin would certainly be one of their targets.
  • “But why?” She had not expected him to turn down her request so bluntly. At the same time, she was very curious about his reason for doing that. After all, she was only going as a spectator.
  • “No reason. It’s best that you stop looking for me from now on, and I’ll move away as quickly as possible.” At that, Han Jingru closed the door.
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