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Chapter 650 The Epitome Of Stupidity

  • “Have you changed your mind?” Ma Yu asked Han Jingru. He desperately needed the man to stay so that he could continue climbing up the ranks in the Apocalypse. If Han Jingru really turned down Mr. Yi’s offer to take him as a disciple, then his own dreams would be crushed too.
  • Han Jingru shook his head. “I’m here to ask for a favor.”
  • Ma Yu sighed exasperatedly. He could not fathom how Han Jingru could turn down such a good deal.
  • Nevertheless, Ma Yu came to the U.S. to protect the man. Whatever Han Jingru wanted to do, he had an obligation to follow along. These were direct orders from Mr. Yi after all. “Fine, alright. What do you need?”
  • “Qi Bingying has been kidnapped,” Han Jingru said.
  • “It has something to do with you, right?” came Ma Yu’s reply.
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