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Chapter 214 Is This Enough

  • Jiang Ying Ying was the one that had the toughest time because she was worried to cause trouble for Han Jingru. In her opinion, getting expelled was the best case scenario and she would dread to trouble Han Jingru for her issue. The woman had never once thought that Han Jingru could settle her problem for her.
  • All of the school directors were high and mighty people in Jiang Ying Ying's eyes. Although Han Jingru seemed to be wealthy, Jiang Ying Ying didn't think that money would be enough to handle this situation.
  • "I think you don't have to trouble yourself. Just tell your friend that you have offended I, Ling Shaohui and see if they dare to come over." Ling Shaohui said.
  • Han Jingru continued to tap on the meeting desk and he heard a sound of hurried footsteps outside the door. The man chuckled and replied, "There is no need for that, they have reached."
  • Ling Shaohui tidied his colors and said, "Just great, let me see who are them."
  • Ling Shaohui was just acting up but the moment he see the first man that entered the room, he was stunned. Because that director was the one that backed him up. And the rest of those who followed inside completely rendered Ling Shaohui speechless out of shock.
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