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Chapter 1097 Help

  • That was hardly an uncommon sight. People who visited nightclubs could be broadly classified into two categories, the hunter and the prey. Those men and women were usually aware of what they were getting into by exposing themselves to such an environment.
  • However, when Han Jingru walked past that man, he overheard him talking on the phone.
  • “It’s settled. That drug is really effective. I bet she wouldn’t know what has happened when she wakes up tomorrow morning.” The smug tone in the man’s voice when he said that was exceptionally unpleasant sounding to the ears.
  • Han Jingru never liked meddling in the affairs of others but he truly despised such dirty tricks.
  • Mutual consent was crucial when it came to nightclub affairs and obviously, it was not applicable between those two people especially with the lady.
  • “OK then. I’ll take the first half of the night and you can come over for the second half once I’m done with her.” The man ended the call after saying that sentence.
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