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Chapter 174 Audi

  • Five o’clock in the afternoon, Han Jingru received a call from Kong Wu. After asking the location of the gathering, he went in his Audi.
  • Now that Xie Yufu had damaged his Lamborghini, he wouldn’t be able to drive it and it would take quite a while. Not only that, the repairing cost was quite high. Han Jingru could almost see the insurance agent crying already.
  • When Han Jingru reached the location, he noticed that it was a private club. Not only that, it seemed to be quite high class.
  • There were a lot of luxury cars parking right by the door and the grandeur looked almost like a luxury cars’ Expo. Although Han Jingru’s Audi A6 was a good car, it looked like a joke in comparison to those parking right by the door of the club. The type that no one would take another look.
  • when Han Jingru found a parking and wanted to drive inside, one of the workers ran over and knocked on Han Jingru’s car window impatiently.
  • Han Jingru stepped on the break and lowered his window as he asked in puzzlement, “What’s the matter?”
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