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Chapter 863 Do You Regret It

  • The moment he stepped out of the Chen residence, Han Jingru noticed that he was being followed by more than ten men. It was obvious that Huang Xiaoyong really hated his guts to have sent so many men after him.
  • However, considering that Huang Xiaoyong was the governor’s son, it shouldn’t have been difficult to recruit this many lackeys for the job.
  • Han Jingru strolled along the main street on purpose. All the men did was follow him in the shadows as they didn’t dare to stop him. It seemed as though they were afraid of causing a commotion in public.
  • Realizing their intentions, Han Jingru headed toward the city gates on purpose.
  • “Young Master, that piece of trash is heading toward the city gates. It looks like he wants to leave the city,” Huang Xiaoyong’s subordinates informed him immediately.
  • Caught by surprise, Huang Xiaoyong was puzzled as he asked, “Doesn’t he know that I’m going to attack him? Why is he heading out of the city?”
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