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Chapter 1212 Change For The Sake Of It

  • Even though Chong Yang’s true identity was still a mystery, Han Jingru was convinced that he would get to meet Qi Hu soon.
  • His rebirth could have affected Qi Hu greatly since his master’s premature departure would have compromised his training duration.
  • After all, Qi Hu was already a martial arts master by the time he left the mountain back then, but he was merely a timid child in this timeline.
  • To make things worse, Chong Yang was commissioned by Nangong Boling, which meant that losing the competition would spell disaster for Han Jingru and possibly Chong Yang himself.
  • If Nangong Boling chose to use Chong Yang as an outlet for his anger, Qi Hu would lose his master forever.
  • “What’s wrong? What’s with that long face?” Shi Yan asked as she walked into the living room. “You aren’t the sorrowful type.”
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