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Chapter 505 I Cannot Believe He Is Dead

  • Han Jingru's words had a deep impact on those who heard them. They lowered their heads, looking deep in thought. It was indeed difficult for them to fathom the depth of Han Jingru's feelings for his grandpa. At least now they understood how important his grandpa was to him.
  • Once Han Jingru had made up his mind, no one could subsequently persuade him otherwise.
  • Mo Lan sighed and walked to Han Jingru. He gave him a pat on the shoulder and said, “Jingru, you must always consider the worst scenarios of whatever you propose to do, especially when it is so dangerous. If you cannot make it back alive, what are we going to do? What is she going to do?”
  • “If I cannot make it, please take care of her for me. If there is someone she likes, even after her remarriage, I also want you all to protect her well,” said Han Jingru.
  • Mo Lan felt very uncomfortable at the mention of remarriage.
  • It had taken Han Jingru so many years in Yun City and so much effort to build his relationship with Su Yimo. But now they were about to face a tough challenge because of his upcoming trip.
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