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Chapter 746 Giving You A Hundred Million

  • At the mention of Zhong Tianli, a look of helplessness with a tinge of bitterness emerged on Wang Xin’s face. Lingyun Martial Arts Academy needed money to continue its operations, and he was already using the last of his funds. Hence, Wang Xin had no other option but to take on some immoral tasks.
  • “If I tell you I did it for money, will it sound like an excuse?” Wang Xin replied.
  • “Does Lingyun Martial Arts Academy not have enough funds?” Han Jingru questioned in surprise. Lingyun Martial Arts Academy looked like a grand martial arts academy, and it looked even better than Tian Jingshuo’s. How is it possible that he doesnt have enough money?
  • “Yes. I’m really short on funds. In the past, when it was at its prime time, Lingyun Martial Arts Academy earned a lot for me. But now that it’s in its downfall, not only is it not profiting, but I’m even losing money every day. Those people you saw in the academy, it would be more appropriate to consider them as my employees rather than my students. I pay them a wage. If not for the money, they would have left. Perhaps I’d be the only one left in the academy,” Wang Xin sighed.
  • Han Jingru burst into laughter. This master is so miserable. He needs to keep his disciples by his side with money. Im afraid hes the only one in the world doing this.
  • Wang Xin was mindless of Han Jingru’s mocking laugh. This was reality, and he had no reason to refute the younger man.
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