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Chapter 729 Childhood Friends

  • “I heard you used to harass her,” Han Jingru scowled.
  • Liu Wei’s heart sank when he saw Han Jingru’s change in reaction. Hes clearly here for revenge!
  • Back then, when Liu Wei did not get his way with Ho Ting, he spread unsavory rumors regarding her in secret and revealed that he had stayed at her home until late at night. He wanted to slander Ho Ting, but he didn’t expect a weak woman from a rural area to know someone so powerful in such a short time frame.
  • “I-I have harassed her before, but she refused my advances every time. I didn’t do anything in the end.” Liu Wei attempted to defend himself.
  • “In that case, you admit to assaulting her?” Han Jingru hissed as he approached Liu Wei.
  • The chief broke out in a cold sweat as he backed away, hoping to put some distance between himself and Han Jingru.
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