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Chapter 288 Wen Liang's Betrayal

  • "Patriarch Lu, he did not win the bid and here you are to find fault? Are you bullying me? Aren't you aware of the rules of an auction? Whoever bids the highest price gets the goods. Isn't that just common knowledge? What kind of explanation do you want from me?" Wen Liang said unhappily.
  • "If you didn't help that nameless kid, how could my grandson have lost?" Lu Fung answered coldly.
  • Wen Liang shook his head in vex and said, "Three hundred million cash. How could I have helped him? Do you think I was the one that paid for that? Do you think there is any meaning for me to buy the things I put on auction, Patriarch Lu?"
  • "Wen Liang, do you think I don't know what are you trying to do? Now that you prospered, you wanted to test the Lu family, right? Don't you forget that the Lu family was the one that brought you up. If I, Lu Fung wants to bring you down, What can you do?" Lu Fung said.
  • "Lu Fung, heed my advice and just let things go. This is a good thing for the Lu family. If you really want to escalate things, you will definitely regret it." Wen Liang said.
  • When Lu Fung heard that, he was trembling in rage. No one had ever dared to speak disrespectfully to him in Bedrock Island. Moreover, Wen Liang was threatening him.
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