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Chapter 280 Eleven Figures

  • Ocean Auction Company had a huge prestige in the nation. It could be considered the largest auction company. A lot of big cities had their subsidiary companies and their turnover could reach a hundred billion annually. And even a lot of nation-class treasure came from Ocean Auction and they had a great reputation in the auction industry worldwide. Not just that, they had quite the influence internationally. It was told that the owner of Ocean was so rich that he had even bought a tiny country. But of course, that rumor wasn't authenticated.
  • "I want to see your company's person in charge." Han Jingru stood outside the company and asked the security guard.
  • All of the company personnel had went through a proper training. They would show the most respect towards everyone and there would never be a case where they looked down on people. Because it was the company's motto that everyone was a potential customer. They must not risk offending them. Every wealthy people would be down to earth and they didn't want to risk offending someone like that.
  • "Dear sir, do you have an appointment?" The security guard asked Han Jingru.
  • "I do not." Han Jingru answered.
  • "If you don't, I'm afraid it might be difficult to meet the person in charge. However, I can go and inform them and give it a try." The security guard said.
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