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Chapter 867 Ascending Two Stages In A Night

  • The next morning, at the governor’s residence.
  • When Huang Xiaoyong opened his eyes, he was both in shock and awe.
  • Looking at his Unique Weapon, he saw four Burning Stars around them. It was a sign that he was now a Fourth Stage fighter.
  • In Xenos, everyone had their own Unique Weapon. Their stage would also be indicated by the number of Burning Stars they had on their Unique Weapon.
  • Huang Xiaoyong’s Unique Weapon was a claymore. He had it ever since he was very young. Although his stage wasn’t high, he was already proficient in wielding it as if it was an extension of his body.
  • “I ascended two stages in a night,” Huang Xiaoyong mumbled to himself in disbelief.
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