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Chapter 930 An Act Of Mercy

  • Huang Xiaoyong knew exactly what kind of a person Chen Tiexin was. After all, they grew up together in Longyun City. Chen Tiexin was an entitled kid all along. He was insolent because he had his family at his back. He never needed to be nice to anyone. Rather, it was always people around him who had to cater to him.
  • This was why Huang Xiaoyong found it hard to believe when Chen Tiexin actually admitted that he just bootlicked Han Jingru. It was as if he had become a different person altogether!
  • Currying favor with other people was something Huang Xiaoyong had done his whole life. He grew up in the governor’s residence and they had to kowtow to the Three Major Families all the time. But still, he cocked his head and let off a hearty laugh when Chen Tiexin did exactly the same to win Han Jingru’s favor.
  • “I have to flatter others because over at the governor’s residence, we’re under the heel of the Three Major Families. But you’re different. You’re the eldest son of the Chen family! You never had to grovel to anyone!” Huang Xiaoyong exclaimed.
  • Chen Tiexin chuckled uneasily as he listened. He knew Huang Xiaoyong was teasing him about how cocky he used to be.
  • But things were different now. Han Jingru was a skilled fighter and Chen Tiexin did not mind fawning on him just so he could be his disciple.
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