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Chapter 1032 Holy Chestnut

  • Huang Xiaoyong saw that he was angry and kept quiet as he brought Han Jingru to Zhantai Liuyue’s quarters.
  • “This is where she lives, Master. Now, if there is nothing else, I’ll be on my way.” Huang Xiaoyong whispered.
  • Im pretty sure that pervert Huang Xiaoyong is having indecent thoughts about me and Zhantai Liuyue... While it wouldnt really be a problem for me as Su Yimo isnt here in Xenos, I really dont want this misunderstanding to worsen...
  • “No, I want you to come with me,” Han Jingru said.
  • Why would Master bring me along on a private meeting? Huang Xiaoyong wondered as he watched him knock on the door.
  • As tempting as it was to ask, Huang Xiaoyong knew he would probably get a beating and decided against it.
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