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Chapter 58 Fight

  • Jiang Yan was lifted to cloud nine. She just couldn’t hold back herself anymore. The mother didn’t care how they got the mansion. Most importantly, she had finally realized a lifelong dream. To gain dignity in front of the Su family members and Tang Chengye’s groups of classmates.
  • When Jiang Yan looked at their expression, her face wrinkled into a widest smile. The woman was just the happiest person that day.
  • “Dear me, what are you all doing here? Hurry and have a tour in my house!” When Jiang Yan said that, she made sure to enunciate ‘my house and made sure everyone heard her.
  • Although Tang Chengye was frustrated, he was curious as how a house that cost about a billion looked like. Even as he was embarrassing himself, he wanted to check out for himself.
  • As for the rest of the relatives from the Su family, they felt the same way. The mansion in the middle hill was an unreachable dream. Now that they had an opportunity to visit the house, who would miss such a chance?
  • Su Ruijin and Su Huiqi stayed behind the crowd.
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