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Chapter 616 Problems Come One After Another

  • The crowd started to become excited.
  • During Wu Youfeng’s birthday banquet, Han Xiuyuan’s domineering bullying tactics intimidated everyone. Yet, it also showed everyone what true power looked like. The power Han Xiuyuan wielded was so impressive that everyone fantasized about it, imagining themselves as Han Xiuyuan who held such authority in his hands.
  • Han Jingru once forced all the wealthy youngsters to kneel. Harboring a grudge for Han Jingru’s actions, many of the people present wished that he would die in Han Xiuyuan’s hands.
  • The more domineering Han Xiuyuan behaved, the more excited they became.
  • When Han Xiuyuan saw Han Jingru carrying that coffin, a disdainful smirk played on his lips.
  • “Even the owner of the funeral home ended up killed. Is there a point in creating such a huge ruckus? Do you think that this will make your death more glorious?” scoffed Han Xiuyuan.
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