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Chapter 752 I Am The Rules

  • Just as Lei Heming was feeling proud of his executed plan, he felt a strong resistance against his leg in mid-air.
  • Han Jingru appeared out of nowhere and stood next to Jiang Yingying. Almost instantly, he blocked Lei Heming’s fatal blow with his arm.
  • Han Jingru glanced at Jiang Yingying and sighed. Shes only an inexperienced young girl. Her mental strength isnt firm enough to ignore Lei Hemings provocations. Had it not been for Han Jingru, Jiang Yingying would either be dead or suffering from severe brain damage right now.
  • “Han Jingru, what are you doing!” Lei Heming yelled through his gritted teeth. How can he barge into the ring, right in the middle of a championship?
  • “Han Jingru, are you aware of the consequences that arise from breaking the rules?” Fang Zhantian roared from the audience seat. Jiang Yingying should have been dead by now. Unfortunately, she was saved by Han Jingru!
  • “Rules? In my presence, I am the rules,” Han Jingru declared.
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