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Chapter 647 Forcing Yan Yu

  • In Ma Feihao’s opinion, the reason why Han Jingru was able to accomplish as much as he did in the Chinese District was that he was first and foremost gutsy. But he was also lucky. Had his uncle, Ma Yu not showed up in time, he would surely had his illustrious career cut short by Han Xiao.
  • Ma Feihao had previously thought Han Jingru as a guileless lout but with the fate set to befall the Li family, he finally recognized how vicious the man could be and how dangerous it would be to oppose him.
  • “Understood.” Ma Feihao nodded and then proceeded to follow up on his orders.
  • Han Jingru led Yan Yu to settle in the stands.
  • Yan Yu was so close to seeing justice done but instead of a sense of relief, what she felt was dread.
  • As much as she wanted revenge, this was not how she hoped it would come about. For a young person like her to have to deal with another traumatic car accident was disconcerting, even if it were to involve her worst enemies.
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