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Chapter 1013 Establishing A New Sect

  • Mount Phoenix was actually not very far away from Xixiang City.
  • Soon, they arrived at their destination. The mountain and the lake did match Ximen Jin’s description yesterday. It was indeed a paradise and an appropriate place to start Han Jingru’s sect here.
  • “What a beautiful place. It really is a paradise on earth.” Jiang Yingying stood in awe of the breathtaking view. She had never seen something like this in the world where she came from.
  • “Indeed. It’s quite a rare sight in Xenos.” Han Jingru was very pleased. If only I can find a place like this for Yimo and Han Xiang too. How I wish they can live a comfortable life, not having to worry about anything.
  • “If you’re happy with this place, I’ll immediately arrange for someone to do the necessary,” Ximen Jin said.
  • “How much time do you need?” Han Jingru asked.
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