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Chapter 349 Tell You A Story

  • Han Jingru yelped in pain, while Jiang Yan and Su Wenlun looked in horror from the sofa.
  • They would love to see that before they found out who Han Jingru was, but now that they did, Su Yimo's action was scaring them for some reason.
  • This is the young master of the Han Family. She can't just pull his ear like that!
  • Jiang Yan quickly went to Su Yimo to dissuade her. “What are you doing, Yimo? Let him go. He's the young master of the Han Family.”
  • Su Yimo didn't let him go, but she didn't pull too much either. “So what if he is? He's still my husband.”
  • Jiang Yan was taken aback. Yeah, even if he is a young master, he is still Yimo's husband, and my son-in-law! Why do I even interfere with a couple's fight?
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