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Chapter 572 Who Was The Loser

  • Han Jingru glared at the old man as he spoke. He would not allow anyone to speak ill of Han Xiuzhi - he would always be a hero to Han Jingru, no matter his past.
  • For one, Yan City's Han family would not have existed if not for Han Xiuzhi.
  • Furthermore, Han Xiuzhi was the only person who treated him like family. Han Jingru would not allow anyone to humiliate his grandfather in any manner.
  • “I dare you to repeat what you've just said,” Han Jingru threatened as he gritted his teeth.
  • The elderly retreated slightly as he saw Han Jingru's glare. Even though Han Jingru was a nobody to him, his imposing manner still gave him slight chills down his spine.
  • However, he regained his composure after he took a look at the bodyguards around him.
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