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Chapter 51 Shameless Jiang Yan

  • The moment Tang Lung said that, the woman beside him gasped in shock and covered her mouth. He was looking at Han Jingru in disbelief.
  • “I met the biggest celebrity from our city. You are Han Jingru!” Her shocking expression was carrying a strong scorn.
  • Han Jingru simply said uncaringly, “It’s me. Regrettably I didn’t bring a pen around. Otherwise, I will definitely give you a signature.”
  • The woman felt that Han Jingru was joking with her and she said, “No thank you. Your signature is nothing. And if anyone were to know that I asked for your signature, I might just be the next laughingstock.”
  • Everyone from the Yun city knew about this Han Jingru. That was a name of humiliation. But the man carried it with pride. Tang Lung was just looking at him with deride.
  • “Bro, you are quite the strong-willed man, not feeling anything when the entire Yun city derided you. Unimaginable. If it was me, I would just feel so ashamed that I will hide at home.” Tang Lung sneered.
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