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Chapter 1092 Creating My Own Empire

  • Yan Qiong glanced at Han Jingru suspiciously. Based on his understanding, the young boy would never do something like this. Even though he was still young, he was quite shrewd and knew what he could or could not do.
  • If he fell out with Nangong Shuxian, he would lose the major support from the Han family, which would affect his secret plans. Hence, under normal circumstances, Han Jingru would never do what he just did.
  • Hence, Yan Qiong was quite puzzled and confused about the man’s behavior. Why would he choose to show his temper at such a moment?
  • He was oblivious that everything had changed for Han Jingru.
  • Now, the latter no longer needed the Han family as his support.
  • While Han Jingru looked fourteen to others, he was, in fact, invincible.
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