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Chapter 871 In Shock

  • “Dad, calm down. I’ll tell you. Actually, the reason I was able to ascend to the Fourth Stage was because of my master.” When Huang Xiaoyong mentioned Han Jingru, he was filled with pride. He was evidently proud to be his disciple, and his loyalty had gone beyond what words could describe.
  • “Master?” Huang Houyi looked at Huang Xiaoyong curiously. As the governor, he was well aware of what was going on in the city. But he had not heard of the existence of such a powerful fighter.
  • Huang Houyi surmised that Huang Xiaoyong’s master had to be at the Sixth Stage or above to help him ascend two stages. But, given how small Longyun City was, he didn’t believe such a person existed here.
  • “Who is your master? Is he in Longyun City?” Huang Houyi asked.
  • Huang Xiaoyong knew he had to stop there. All he could only tell his father was that he had a master and that his ascension was related to his master. However, he couldn’t divulge his master’s identity. That was Han Jingru’s warning to him. No matter how gutsy he was, Huang Xiaoyong didn’t dare to go against Han Jingru.
  • “Dad, stop asking about his identity. Master has instructed me not to mention him to anyone as he keeps a very low profile,” Huang Xiaoyong explained.
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