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Chapter 1204 I Want To See Mo Yu

  • Both the mother and son duo came to a dilapidated residential area. Shi Yan looked extremely anxious and she seemed to be earnestly concerned about Wu Xin’s safety. Han Jingru found her reaction hard to believe.
  • When did these two seemingly unrelated persons get so close?
  • He could not understand how Shi Yan felt because he did not step into her shoes.
  • To Shi Yan, Wu Xin was the first person who made her feel that she had a true friend. In the past, her social circles mainly consisted of women who married into wealthy families. These so-called friends were mostly connected with her through mutual benefits. In other words, their friendships were built on material things instead of genuine friendships.
  • Wu Xin was different. They could talk about anything under the sun, without involving any financial interests. She was her real pal at multiple levels, an actual friend she never had.
  • Knock! Knock!
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