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Chapter 897 Tears Of Remorse

  • “Be sure to come here when the flowers blossom,” uttered Han Jingru indifferently.
  • Huang Xiaoyong’s breath quickened. It was his first time feeling such power from Han Jingru. How can he be this calm even after killing them, as if its not a big deal?
  • “Master, if the Imperial Court notices their disappearance, they surely will start investigating,” he reminded Han Jingru. Though he knew his master was strong enough to take down all three Seventh Stage fighters, it did not mean that he was capable enough to be enemies with the entire Imperial Court.
  • “Then you should find people to disguise as those three and make them leave the city. Things will be settled as long as someone sees them leave.”
  • “But I don’t think the Imperial Court will buy that for long.”
  • Han Jingru lifted his head to look at Huang Xiaoyong and smiled. “Then you can go and report that I killed them. That way, you won’t be involved in this matter anymore.”
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