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Chapter 276 Departure

  • When Tian Jingle told Tian Honghui what happened, the son's face turned paper pale. He leaned back on the couch frightfully. When he recalled the story how Han Jingru drank the hot boiling tea, he felt a cold shuddered down his spine.
  • In the past, if Tian Jingle were to see his son panicking like that, he would be rebuking him. For a person of his stature, he had to be calm and collected all the time. However, this time round not even Tian Jingle had the right to complain. Even he himself was overwhelmed by Han Jingru's might.
  • "Dad, is there anything we can do to make things right?" Tian Honghui asked. The man was very clear with the vast difference between the Tian family and the Han family. The top family in Yun city did not make Tian Honghui drown in conceit. Not only that, it made the man even more aware of his current state and the risk of offending Han Jingru.
  • Tian Jingle simply sighed. Han Jingru wasn't an ordinary person. For that man, no compensation would help. That crack would not be fixed no matter what. They could only avoid getting on Han Jingru's bad side in the future.
  • "It is useless. With his personality, nothing would help. In the future, we can only follow the flow. But as long as the Tian family doesn't interfere in the matter happening in Yun city, we shouldn't be facing much of the problem." Tian Jingle said. Han Jingru wasn't a man without honor. Since he had said to let things go, he wouldn't be causing difficulty for the Tian family for this matter.
  • Tian Honghui nodded. Since Tian Jingle said that, the man would just follow his instruction. As for the Yun city turning into an inviting piece of pie, the Tian family would simply stay as far away as possible. They would make sure to not even get into the vicinity.
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