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Chapter 1164 Made Of Paper

  • The burly man looked utterly intimidating standing in the boxing ring with his hands on his hips.
  • Yet, he couldn’t seem to gain much attention, for many had their eyes on Han Jingru instead. Everyone wanted to know what the Yangs had up their sleeves when choosing only this young boy to contest on their behalf.
  • Now that the secret was finally about to unveil itself, who would bother with anything else?
  • Wu Xin clasped her sweaty palms together. Judging from just their height alone, it was evident that Han Jingru was at a disadvantage.
  • “Can Jingru really defeat him, Ms. Shi?” she asked worriedly.
  • Shi Yan had once witnessed Han Jingru in action, and the latter immediately made Yan Qiong retire as the Han family’s defender.
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