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Chapter 1186 Playing Catch

  • “Is that all you can do? Hide away like a chicken?”
  • The furious Yan Bingfeng howled at Han Jingru. The former knew that if things kept progressing that way, he would tire himself out soon. If that happened, he would be at Han Jingru’s mercy, so he had to get the boy to attack. That is the only way I can find an opportunity to win this competition.
  • Yan Bingfeng’s annoyed voice got most of the spectators to shout out for him.
  • After all, a sizeable portion of those spectators were Yan Bingfeng’s fans. Thus, they couldn’t bear to see him getting that frustrated. They immediately protested aloud.
  • “Fight back, you coward!”
  • “What’s the point of hiding away like that? Go run to your mommy if you’re afraid. We’re here for a show. Stop wasting our time.”
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