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Chapter 391 Never Seen The World

  • Han Jingru, who listened to these words, could not believe it. Chong Yang's differences in attitude before and after were like a complete change of one person. Han Jinru doubted whether Chongyang was a person with a dual character. How can anyone have such a big difference?
  • Before that, he wanted Qi Hu to kill him and Number 12, but now he asked them to take Qi Hu down the hill. That's too strange.
  • After Number 12 woke up, Han Jingru walked out of the cave with him, still suffering from his body's discomfort.
  • “Mr. Han.” “What's the matter?” Number 12 was puzzled. He told Han Jingru that when Qi Hu struck him, he thought he would die. However, the situation now had turned into a different story. Number 12 still remembered the attitude of Chong Yang toward them before. However, he had obviously converged a lot just now.
  • “I also find it very strange. He is different before and after. He is not the same person at all.” “This old guy, could he have a double character?” Han Jingru asked.
  • Although Number 12 had been in contact with Chong Yang, but not in-depth. He could not determine exactly what character Chong Yang was.
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