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Chapter 704 Palm Sword

  • In the midst of the crowd, a man with a cap covering half of his face tightened his fists. The man was none other than Lin Tong. He was there to see how Han Jingru would die in the hands of Fang Zhan.
  • Yet, even in his wildest imagination, he didn’t expect Han Jingru would grow during the fight and even pushed Fang Zhan back to the point where he actually injured his opponent.
  • Being known as the Chosen One in Apocalypse, Lin Tong knew that his title would be robbed of him if Han Jingru really joined them, which was why he was doing everything he could to prevent it from happening, and the only way for that to happen was to kill that man.
  • Lin Tong always thought of Han Jingru as a nobody and would even address him as a piece of garbage in front of others. Yet, deep down, he had already recognized Han Jingru as a threat to him but chose to deny it.
  • “What the heck are you doing?” Lin Tong gritted his teeth as he glared at Fang Zhan. The latter had the power to take his opponent out, yet he didn’t do so from the beginning and gave Han Jingru a chance. Lin Tong could see from Fang Zhan’s expression that his determination to kill his opponent wavered.
  • The reason was that Fang Zhan started to realize Han Jingru could bring a huge ton of benefit to Apocalypse if he joined them.
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