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Chapter 1185 Difference In Strength

  • Yan Bingfeng wasn’t angry with Han Jingru’s challenge. Instead, the former grinned from the bottom of his heart because he thought that the latter was nothing more than an arrogant moron.
  • I am deemed to have the best shot at winning this competition whereas Han Jingru is just a nameless punk. Hes only won one battle so far, but hes acting so proudly in front of me!
  • “Running your mouth like that will just make you die faster, punk,” said Yan Bingfeng.
  • The master of Tiandi Martial Arts Academy looked a little grim while sitting with the other spectators. He had examined Han Jingru’s fight from the earlier battle, and the strength Han Jingru showed was formidable. The kid is definitely an expert. If Yan Bingfeng underestimates his opponent, things might end really ugly for him. Its so frustrating that Yan Bingfeng is too proud to listen to my warnings.
  • “I’ll just pray that I’m overthinking this. If not....” murmured the master before he sighed. He knew it was probable that Yan Bingfeng would fall so far that he never get back up again if he were to lose this battle. This was because Yan Bingfeng had too many fans now, so losing the battle would mean the end for him. Youngsters like him would not be able to handle a fall like that.
  • The referee had both parties make their final preparations in the boxing ring. That meant that the fight was about to begin.
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