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Chapter 39 Be Careful With Your Money

  • Before Han Jingru reached home, Su Yimo gave him a call. Liu Hua and her family had come to their house and Jiang Yan was pressuring Su Yimo to think of some ways to hasten the withdrawal process.
  • “I have gotten the money and I am on my way home.” Han Jingru said.
  • Su Yimo was feeling a little guilt ridden in this matter. The family had gone to the five star hotel for a dinner without Han Jingru, leaving the man alone at home as he ate only instant noodle. Not only that, they had to trouble him to handle their mess afterthat.
  • “You don’t have to cook tonight.” Su Yimo said.
  • Han Jingru simply smiled, “If I don’t cook, what do dad and mom eat?”
  • “Don’t they have their own hands? Let them decide for themselves.” Su Yimo fumed.
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