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Chapter 285 Young Master Han

  • When Lu Shun voiced his doubt, the rest in the crowd started gossiping.
  • "Was he simply bluffing?"
  • "It is highly probable. Judging from his look, he doesn't look like a wealthy person at all. How could he bid 300 million for a necklace?"
  • "What? Is that young man crazy? Did he think this is a place he can act without consequences?"
  • "Bloody hell, if he doesn't have the money, even I would feel stressed out for him!"
  • When the crowd were doubting Han Jingru, Ma Yan and Fan Yunyun were even more elated. If Han Jingru was really bluffing, they would just be the happiest person in the hall. After Han Jingru got exposed, he would have the chance to mock the man.
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