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Chapter 90 Wrath

  • Yang Qi’s office.
  • Han Jingru sat on the couch and Yang Qi stood beside him fearfully.
  • “Mr. Jingru, how may I help you?” Yang Qi asked.
  • Three years ago, the man was just a homeless and useless man. Han Jingru found him and made him a different man.
  • Even now that Yang Qi was established, he didn’t dare to belittle Han Jingru. Because he knew that Han Jingru had given him everything and the man was capable to take it away from him as well.
  • “I came to participate in a gathering with my wife and I made a detour to visit you. After all, we haven’t meet for three years and I’m afraid you might have forgotten me.” Han Jingru said with a smile.
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