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Chapter 1037 Seeing Fei Lingsheng Again

  • The Dragon Emperor Palace was not as grand or magnificent as Han Jingru had imagined. On the contrary, it looked like a small town and was even smaller than Fengshang City. However, those who were allowed in there were, without a doubt, on a whole different level compared to everyone else outside.
  • The sheer amount of high-level Beastmasters and fighters in there was what set it apart from every other town or city.
  • “This place looks a lot different from what I had expected,” Han Jingru exclaimed.
  • “It may be a small town, but it is the core of the Imperial Court. The Spiritual Energy is very concentrated here, which really helps Cultivators in their training. That’s why a lot of them choose to join the Imperial Court,” Zhantai Liuyue explained.
  • “I can see why it attracts a lot of Cultivators, but there are still quite a lot of people who refuse to join the Imperial Court. Why is that?” Han Jingru was confused.
  • Not every powerful Cultivator chose to join the Imperial Court, and Zhong Qishan who used to serve Ximen Chang was a prime example of this. Although the Ximen family was a very powerful family and could provide its Cultivators with lots of wealth and power, the Imperial Court’s ability to help them improve their cultivation made it a lot more enticing.
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